Frequently Asked Questions

Shortly after confirmation of your purchase, we will respond to you in email within our core work hours of 8am to 11pm PHT (Weekdays) and 8am to 12pm PHT (Weekends). All tasks are queued as they come in, so the turnaround time will depend on the amount of work we have at a given time.

On average, we are able to address small requests that can be accomplished in 4 hours or 1-2 days, while larger tasks are dealt with depending on, and proportionate to, the scope of the project.

We usually do not commit to a timeline that we cannot deliver. Again, all jobs are queued as they come in so If your task is urgent, you may opt for our priority service and we will push task to the top of our queue.

We bill you twice the time spent. Simply add the word “PRIORITY” in the subject of your email.

Monday – Friday: 8am – 11pm PHT

Weekends: 8am – 12pm PHT

Yes you may. We only bill you for the exact time spent on a task. Any unused time can be used for other tasks for up to one year after purchase before they expire.
Yes, we can utilize your time credits to arrange for a video instruction or write detailed documentation on how to use your website.

Please note that we are “Web Developers” and not technical writers, so kindly bear with us. We prefer video instructions since it’s much faster for us to speak than to write manuals.

Yes, you will need to make a new purchase.

Keep in mind, though, that any remaining time credits can still be used for other tasks for up to 1 year from the date of purchase.

You. Our services are strictly “pre-paid” or “Pay As You Go”. We don’t offer monthly service packages or fees.

That also means if a premium WordPress plugin is needed to accomplish your project, we will let you know and you will purchase said plugin or license key for us.

No, sorry, we have a strict “pre-paid plans only” policy.

Please know we offer our services to select customers only. By that we mean “customers, clients, employers” that we have worked with in the past. Our reviews and recommendations speak for itself so you can be assured of quality work and timely delivery.

For simple tasks like fixing website issues and troubleshooting, Yes, we can “somehow” give you an estimate. But for web development services like PSD to HTML, PSD to WordPress or Full Website Creation, our humble answer is “Maybe“.

In the past, we usually offer a “free estimate” in an effort to draw in customers but forcing us to hazard a guess that will most likely be not accurate. Even by looking at a relatively simple website design (PSD), there plenty of variables involved in the development or website creation process, many of which are impossible to address up-front without a thorough analysis and exploring all the possibilities.

We have decided the better alternative which is to produce a thorough analysis and development plan during the initial analysis period and by using your time credits. For these types of projects, we highly recommend opting for the Business plan

We can then utilize that time to assess your needs in-depth, come up with a time estimate and provide a more accurate road-map moving forward.

We are only able to keep our prices so competitive because we don’t want to spend time doing work that doesn’t pay.

The paid analysis period provides the opportunity for you to “test the waters” with us, explore possibilities and decide whether to award us with the full project.

We currently accept payments via Paypal, including major credit cards supported by Paypal.

Paypal supported credit cards

If you are unsatisfied with the results of our work, just inform us within 48 hours of the task report and we will refund you with the time credits spent on that task along with the unused time credits, subject to our Refund Policy.
We currently do not offer phone support but we do accept voice calls via Skype by appointment.

Due to timezone differences and the nature of our work, please note that we are only be able to schedule Skype call appointments between 1pm to 11pm PHT (Weekdays only).

We like to keep all correspondence and communication on one central location … Trello to make sure we don’t miss anything out and be super focused in completing your task or project.

If you’re on the Business Plan, we can do quick correspondence via Skype.

We use Toggl to keep track of our time so we don’t have to remember what we worked on at the end of the work shift.

We send you daily updates/report based on our logs in Toggl.

100% Satisfaction or 100% Money Back

No Bull Pricing



4 hours
  • Perfect for fixing bugs and general troubleshooting, updating WordPress core and plugins, website consultations or anything you need done ASAP.
  • Time tracking report.

Paypal Major Credit Cards



40 hours
  • Instant 50% savings from the Professional Plan
  • Recommended for full website creation, PSD to WordPress conversions and other large scale projects.
  • Free 1 hour Skype call.
  • Time tracking report.
  • Daily updates.

Paypal Major Credit Cards

For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don’t hesitate to contact us!

How It Works

If you are unhappy with our service, we offer you a refund (subject to our Refund Policy). Simple!

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    Purchase a block of hours from one of our pricing plans.

  • 02

    You will receive email confirmation of your purchase and instructions to get the ball rolling.

  • 03

    We use Toggl to keep track of time spent on your web project and provide you with a detailed report on every task done.

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    Sit back, relax, enjoy your coffee!